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Enterprise digital asset management

Centralize your videos, images, and creative files in one powerful hub – the Widen Collective®.

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See how the Collective is a single source of truth.

Guard your content, inspire great stories

  • Organize, share, and distribute your content across the web
  • Automate and accelerate your marketing workflows
  • Evolve your brand stories with powerful content analytics


Reinvent your martech ecosystem and unlock your  brand’s potential

Enterprises Digital Asset Management Software Security and Enterprise Digital Asset Management

DAM solutions for all

Empower your marketers, salespeople, and partners to find the content they need and use it imaginatively. Searching, converting, and deploying content has never been easier.

Keep it secret, keep it safe

2020年欧洲杯预测No one in sales needs access to creative drafts, R&D diagrams, and outdated content. Roles and permissions ensure that the right people get the right assets.

Enterprise Digital Asset Management Integrations Analyze Asset Data with Our DAM Software Solutions

Connect more

The Widen Collective® integrates with dozens of platforms spanning social and content management, project management, marketing automation, and other genres.

Decide with data

2020年欧洲杯预测See who's using your content where, when, and how so you can make decisions based on facts instead of hunches. Update and emulate your winning content then archive the stragglers.

Digital Asset Management Image Recognition Widen Enterprise DAM System Solutions

Get a sidekick

2020年欧洲杯预测Automatically tag metadata with artificial intelligence image recognition services. The AI can recognize keywords, sentiments, demographics, colors, celebrities, not suitable for work (NSFW) content, and more.

Give your content a safe home

Since 1948, Widen has helped companies protect and tell their best stories. We think in decades, not venture capital rounds. Our team and technology are with you for the long haul.

Snapshot of what you get:

  • Quick search, predictive search, faceted search
  • Automatic file conversions
  • Share links and embed codes
  • Collections and Portals
  • Customizable metadata and categories
  • Batch uploading and editing
  • Version control and auditing
  • Rights management
  • Adobe Creative Cloud integration
  • Project management and file sharing integrations
  • Image recognition and auto tagging
  • Template customization/localization
  • Do-it-yourself automation for custom notifications
  • Asset-level analytics
  • System reporting and dashboards
  • Asset archiving
  • Secure, scalable cloud infrastructure with AWS
  • Global content delivery network (CDN)
  • Enterprise governance controls
  • Granular roles and permissions
Lisa Gauvin Photo Graphic

“We shortened our image request process from 15 days to 2 minutes and we were able to better utilize our creative resources.”

Lisa Gauvin

2020年欧洲杯预测Customer Marketing Manager


A content hub for every team



Systems specialists


You create images, videos, and graphics that express your brand’s story to the world. The Collective ensures that your marketing and sales colleagues find the right files and put them to good use.

  • Aggregate all your creative work in one location then curate groups of assets in collections or portals for different teams and audiences.
  • Control who can use assets when, where, and how with user roles and permissions designed to protect your hard work.
  • Eliminate distractions, busywork, and email chains by giving marketers and salespeople self-serve access to finalized content.
Brand Asset Management for Creators


You manage a global marketing operation that brings your brand story to diverse places and cultures. Liberate your content, hit deadlines, and secure assets with the Collective.

  • Share access to videos, images, and creative files 24/7 so that global colleagues can find, localize, and launch captivating campaigns on time.
  • Analyze how people engage with your content then use that data to level up your content strategy, creative briefs, and future campaigns.
  • Uphold brand guidelines, collaborate seamlessly, and get to market faster with Widen’s DAM-centered Workflow app.
Enterprise Digital Asset Management for Marketers

Systems specialists

Your mission is to build the most efficient, bulletproof, high-functioning martech stack on the planet. Make the Collective your central source of truth for every content platform.

  • Consolidate your company’s assets in a scalable, highly-configurable platform then integrate with 30+ popular systems or use our robust APIs for custom integrations.
  • Create custom metadata schemas and taxonomies designed for your brand’s industry, audience, and content strategy. Then, train AI image recognition to semi-automate metadata tagging.
  • Be the hero who eliminates hours of busywork with dynamic embed codes that automatically update images wherever they appear on the web.
Enterprise DAM Software for Systems Specialists

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